Thanks for dropping by.  I work well with mavericks, creatives and change agents, and .....

I particularly enjoy working with mavericks, creatives and change agents.  If this is you then read on.

You may be an artist, a creative, a leader, a business owner.

You may be in the private, public or third sector.

You may want me to work with you on a 1-1 basis or you might want me to work with your team.

(Creatives - at this point click on Auntie G and we will continue the chat there).

Mavericks and change agents continue on...

My experience in brief

15 years as a marketeer in leisure and creative sectors

15 years coaching / consultancy / business development / training public, private and third sector

(including the last three years revisiting my marketing roots in learning social media)

How I can help

1-1 Coaching


Self Leadership


Team facilitation

Strategy development, 


Effective working


Strategy development (specialising in Marketing)

Business development

Social media