Bringing out a person's brilliance takes skill, sensitivity and the ability to know when to trust your instincts. I have worked alongside Gill, hired her to train colleagues in 'presentation skills' for the Department of Health and referred several friends to her for personal coaching. Gill's approach is completely shaped by the person or group she is working with. She does not do one size fits all! What you get is 100% focus and commitment and what you gain is your team or your own personal brilliance.
Dee Brecker, Director of Fundraising, Carers UK.

I've been running my own training consultancy business since 2003. This follows fifteen years in marketing in the leisure and arts sectors.  I've been lucky enough to have had  a wealth of experience of working with clients from small / medium businesses large private, public and charity sector organisations (see testimonials).

I describe myself as a transformational, client centred and solution focused coach.  I have a track record of helping my clients make long lasting changes.  My approach has often been described as fresh  and you can expect a  combination of humour, candour and a wealth of strategic, traditional and psychodynamic tools.  I start with your outcomes and a belief that you will get them.

I've facilitated many organisations and teams to develop their strategic ways forward including situational analysis, establishing visioning and values and developing tactical actions plans to achieve their business/organisational outcomes - and I've also celebrated with them when they have achieved their goals.

As a designer of facilitation / training  I bring a methodical and pragmatic approach.   In my world the training has to be fit for purpose and enjoyable otherwise it just don't stick.  I'm also deliver some pretty cool train the trainer training.  

As a Marketeer, I've written, commissioned, facilitated delivered at strategic and operational levels.  My work has been instrumental in winning multi-million pound contracts as well as delivering sales.

My clients often describe me as â€˜inspirational’.  I love working with my clients to help themreach and exceed their perceived potential and helping them achieve their most wanted outcomes.