Breakthrough Coaching

Hi I'm Gilli, 

Thanks for clicking.  If the following resonates for you then you are in the right place:

You are an independent thinker, creative, the ideas person. You are probably mid / late career, time poor - being pulled in many directions as a busy leader / business owner / successful freelancer  with probably family / professional / community / voluntary responsibilities.  Do you often have great ideas but just can't seem to find the time or energy to devote the thinking / creating time to make those dreams a reality?  You might be the go-to person that people turn to if something needs to be decided or when others need to be listened to (not just heard).  You may be the holder of spaces for other people.  Do you sometimes look in the mirror and wonder if the person on the other side of the glass is having a happier, more successful secret life with amazing work/life balance when you are not there?

Would you like to be the 'him' or 'her' that you know is inside?  How would it feel if you were the inspiration to re-ignite your own flames and inspire others; to not only connect with your best self  to make the changes, but to 'be' the change;  to look at yourself from 10 years in the future and be proud of the life and business choices you are making now?  Do you have that business idea that you want to take forward,  do you have that lifestyle that you want to create or do you 'feel' you know what you want but you just haven't had the space to 'think' it yet?

So, how about taking stock?  How about investing some time in you to do some quality thinking, to be in a safe space to really reflect, to take time to consider what you want next?  How I work is to tailor a bespoke transformational 'Breakthrough' programme with you and for you, and support you to not only make the change but be the change.  It might be that hour and a half to two hour  sessions work well for you (I often find busy people can make the time to talk over an extended lunch), it might be that a less frequent three hour session would work better (depending on what you want to work on, and the way you work).  We build what works best for you.

I am a transformational coach who works with you on a beliefs and values level, I hold the space for you to reflect and work through your own solutions.  If this sounds heavy going be assured all my clients say I'm fun to work with, that the sessions are inspirational - sometimes hard work - but who said thinking is easy?  I also bring a smorgasbord strategic, time, project, programme, communication and marketing tools (that work) to support you in making your breakthrough a reality.

My background is fifteen years in marketing followed by nearly fifteen years in corporate training, including training Executive Coaches at post-graduate level for HumanTechnics - one of the leading companies in training Executive Coaches in the UK, and, as I and my colleagues have delivered the programme internationally - arguably the world!  But let's not get above ourselves here.  Around four years ago I had a bit of a meltdown which was a rather enforced time for reflection and looking at what I wanted.  I chose to re-invent and became 'Auntie G' the marketeer and coach for artists.  I'm loving it and doing fabulous work, but as most emerging artists are as poor as church mice I also need to balance that with working with other creative people who can afford to pay me what I'm worth.

I've worked with business leaders, board level, CEO's religious and political leaders (there are lots of  testimonials to read on LinkedIn).  My passion  is working with the creatives, the mavericks, the left-field thinkers.  My expertise is holding the space, facilitating them to have the realisations - the change - the outcomes they desire - and support them toget on with it.

But don't just take my word for it. I'd just like to pop in a couple of testimonials (you can find them on my LinkedIn profile).  The first is from Tom who is now (amongst so many other things) one of the ILM Principal Assessors who works with HumanTechnics marking the ILM Level 7 in Coaching and Mentoring.  I've coached Tom every few years since 2007 and still do.  In his recommendation from 2016 Tom says:

'Gill has a fantastic understanding of coaching methods as well as long standing experience of delivery. As someone that has been frequently coached by her I can attest to her ability to seamlessly probe ideas and move conversations forward. As someone that has attended her workshops and seen her teach, I know her easy manner belies a rigorous understanding of practice.'

Tom Nicholls

And here is a recent testimonial from Jane which is also on my LinkedIn.   Jane says:

I am a certified Shadow Work Facilitator and Coach, NLP and Shiatsu practitioner, as well as spending most of my career as a leadership and organisational development professional.
I have known Gilli for many years, as neighbours, as friends and I knew that she was talented, but I had not really experienced the depth of her experience and the knowledge she could bring.
Gilli began working with me in December 2017 when I shared with her my vision of what I wanted do and be in my life and that I just couldn’t get it started. I was lost in it. I had so much judgement running about myself, that I couldn’t ‘just ‘work it out and get on with it; that it was a pipe dream, that I really wasn't good enough. You know that critical voice! 
Right from the start Gilli acknowledged where I was. She listened deeply to my frustrations, fear and judgements. She gently, yet firmly, held a very safe place for me to explore the blocks that were holding me back from making my purpose a reality.
Now, sitting here I realise that I couldn’t have worked this all out on my own. As a creative person, as an empath, as someone who is a deep thinker and liable to dream, and contemplate my navel, I needed someone who was able to pull me out and engage me with another tool kit.
Gilli has facilitated and coached me through a really amazing process over the past 4 months. She has taken me from a place of confusion and fear, of blocks and resistance, to a place of purpose, clarity and excitement.
Gilli is able to bring her understanding and experience from a background of corporate training, NLP coaching and marketing.  In addition she has a deep understanding and compassion for creative minds.
Her process is fluid and person centred and at the same time very results oriented. Her drive is for her client, that is me, to make it happen; it’s tangible.
I had four sessions with Gilli, each lasting approximately 3 hours.
The results of the 12 hours of her coaching, of NLP, of her marketing experience has enabled me to fully realise and own my purpose, and to make it real, to make it live and have the social media tools to share it. Now that is pretty great.

Jane Carvell Business Coach at Action COACH 

Working with Jane was a privilege and a joy.  Seeing her bloom is just delicious.

Right, back to you, lets get the money out of the way.  I don't have an office or overheads so my rates are extremely competitive and  good value.   Your investment depends on the work you want to do and your preferred way of working.  Here are my indicative prices for individuals and small to medium charities.  Corporates add 80% for executives, 60% for senior leaders and 40% for middle managers, less for charities and public sector.

6 x 1 to 2 hour sessions or 4 x up to 3 hour sessions, based in the Bristol area - £2,750 plus venue hire at cost.  If it is out of Bristol then my rates have remained the same for over seven years and sessions are at my team facilitation day rate* (see below).  This is because I won't be taking on any other work that day.

6 x 1 to2 hour telephone sessions £1,500

So, making your breakthrough, if this works for you then get in touch and we can arrange a chemistry chat.  There is no charge, as this is the space where we work out if, where and how we want to work together. 

I look forward to connecting soon.

Be the change!!


*Team coaching / facilitation £750 per day.   If you are also looking for team work then it is one day prep to one day delivery, so allow £1500 per delivery day.  If it is more than a one day course then prep rates reduce, and where it is a repeat then prep rates are a one off cost.  If I have delivered something similar before (and I usually have) prep rates also reduce.  Plus travel and expenses.   I also give discounts for charities and public sector.

By the way prints of the beautiful paining 'Frustration' by Andrew Burns Colwill are available from my on line gallery - The Kane Gallery - a by-product of my Auntie G reinvention.

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