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Opening doors and windows

Gill Kane can turn your career around and get you on the path to success. In just 6 months she has helped to unleash my full potential and through her incredible coaching techniques she has enabled me to focus on my realised and unrealised, sub-conscious life goals. Do yourself a favour and talk to Gill

Von Grey  

May 2016
Gills project coaching was of great help to me in revealing and establishing my goals, and forming a roadmap to achieving them. She helped me to discover potential psychological barriers as well as suggesting constructive and strategic ways of overcoming these with practical steps. I felt empowered, energised and ready to begin. Thank you Gill.
Andrew G Robinson February 2016

The Creative's Coach  

I am a transformational, person centred and solutions focussed coach and my clients also say that I am fun to work with.


Debugging the jargon:


This means I work with you on areas around self belief and self discovery.  My work with you is around helping you make a real shift in thinking.  Some coaches work on skills development (like a sports coach), my work is about helping you connect to what is important to you - and from there the answers generally flow.  I believe you are the expert on you - my role is to ask the right questions to help you uncover the answers.  

person centered

This means it's all about you!!  Sessions and outcomes are driven by what you want to work on - so it's your agenda, you decide what you want to work on and when you want to work on it.

solutions focussed

This means coming from the belief that there is a solution - and so this is the focus of the work we do.  So it is solution rather than 'problem' focussed.

How it works

Typically my coaching runs for four sessions - plus a chemistry check meeting  (so we can check that we will work well together) with a review meeting at the end.  Though sometimes my clients achieve their outcomes in the first couple of sessions.

Most of my work is in theBristol area but telephone and Skype sessions also available for those further afield.