Coaching - space to think

If you are looking to make a real step change read on.

I am a transformational (you want to make changes on a deep level), person centred (it's all about you) and solutions focussed (dealing with the here and now for tomorrow) coach and my clients also say that I am fun to work with.  They also say that I challenge them and teach them to dream ANDthey also say I help them find the pragmatic solutions within themselves.

My training is as an NLP Master Practitioner.  My experience is 15 years of organisational life followed by running my own business for the last fifteen years (feast, famine, near bankruptcy - been there and got the t-shirt) .  I also taught Executive Coaching skills at post-graduate level  for three years for market leader HumanTechnics.

I have worked with political leaders in local government, private business owners, senior leaders / managers cross sector (check out the testimonials).

I am also the coach's choice of coach for many executive coaches (supervision coming soon guys).

I'm picky about who I work with.  If you are not open to change or prepared to make a paradigm shift in your thinking then don't contact me.  Still here?  Drop me a note and I'll be in touch for a chat.  I did say I'm also fun to work with didn't I?

Plus if we are not a good fit then I have a team of talented associates that I can recommend.