My areas of expertise are:

  • Business and marketing strategy for businesses and service units - plus translating that into operational plans
  • Adopting a marketing approach to service delivery (helpful for public and charity sectors) from strategic thinking to operational delivery
  • Developing a winning sales approach 
  • Social media for small businesses / freelancers 
    • Social media audit
    • Developing a successful strategy
    • Training / advice on making it happen
    • Support (doing the grunt work - allocating one of my lovely associates to implement our plan)

As a consultant and marketeer, I've written, commissioned, facilitated and delivered at strategic and operational levels.  My work has been instrumental from winning multi-million pound contracts in the leisure industry to delivering sales for small businesses and creatives.  

By the way I started my working life as a cold caller then became fascinatedwith marketing - giving the customer what they want (at the right quality and the right price) and making a profit (or in the case of not for profits - doing it cost effectively).