Supporting the change agents to make changes

I've facilitated many organisations and teams to develop their strategic ways forward including situational analysis, establishing visioning and values and developing tactical actions plans to achieve their business/organisational outcomes - and I've also celebrated with them when they have achieved their goals.

As a designer of facilitation / training  I bring a methodical and pragmatic approach.   In my world the training has to be fit for purpose and enjoyable otherwise it just don't stick.  I also deliver some pretty cool train the trainer training. 

Design and delivery training for change

My areas of expertise are:

  • Communication skills (AKA listening to and hearing each other)
  • Coaching approach to leadership and management (helping them be the best them)
  • Leading / managing in the middle of change (supporting the change makers)
  • Transformational team working (embracing uniqueness and working together fabulously because of it)
  • Time, project and programme management (getting stuff done and still having time to play)

My approach is to work with you to develop your programme by adopting a simple six step approach.

  • Start with the end in mind - define your outcomes and how we can embed the learning sustainably (you keep doing it when I'm gone)
  • Map against client criteria - competencies, business objectives etc (your priorities and how your organisation defines them)
  • Discuss your budget / time / quality success criteria (from  Rolls Royce to Kia)
  • Tailor programme to meet your outcomes and budget / time / quality
  • Deliver training/ facilitation (expertly by the way)
  • Evaluation and review (always important to learn the lessons)