I've facilitated many organisations and teams to develop their strategic ways forward including situational analysis, establishing visioning and values and developing tactical actions plans to achieve their business/organisational outcomes - and I've also celebrated with them when they have achieved their goals.

As a designer of facilitation / training  I bring a methodical and pragmatic approach.   In my world the training has to be fit for purpose and enjoyable otherwise it just don't stick.  I also deliver some pretty cool train the trainer training. 

Here is what some of my clients say

Adrian Walder

Leadership Trainer at Devon and Cornwall Police in strategic alliance with Dorset Police

June 3, 2013, Adrian was a client of Gilli’s

Gill has provided us with a bespoke training intervention, has been flexible in her approach, incredibly creative in order to cater for the needs of a very diverse group and has offered encouragement and praise to all in equal measures.
Her enthusiasm for her subject has shone through in all that she has done, and she is able to put theory into an organisational context for her learners.

I would not hesitate to re-employ her in the future.

Tim Levenson

Intelligent Development Associates

September 4, 2013, Tim was a client of Gilli’s

Gill makes a difference and achieves results through stimulating management and executive thinking, challenging the " norm " and focussing on and building a rapport with the individual or group.

Design and delivery training for change

My areas of expertise are:

  • Communication skills 
  • Coaching approach to leadership and management 
  • Leading / managing in the middle of change 
  • Transformational team working 
  • Time, project and programme management 
 Photograph Andy Web

Leanna Jones

Learning and Development Lead at Government Digital Service

October 18, 2013, leanna was a client of Gilli’s

I worked with Gill on the design and delivery of coaching for middle and senior managers at UUK. Gill’s passion for coaching comes through in everything she does, her approach to the design was refreshing and her individual style of delivery is not to be missed.