Lightening the load

Delivering projects

 My areas of expertise are:


  • Marketing 'sounding board' and advice
  • Writing marketing strategy and plans
  • Business development

People development

  • Training needs analysis
  • Training design
  • Mapping of training for accreditation (ILM)
'Gill Kane works for my business HumanTechnics as a freelancer.  Her role includes the design and development of new products and programme, so she plays a key role in the development of programmes against client needs, and manages that through to full delivery. This often involves trainer training and the development of materials and trainer notes. Where there’s a qualification element it also involves the associated documentation. She’s also an experienced ILM assessor of coursework assignments and has been involved in the full breadth of qualifications we deliver from level 3 to level 7.
The reason I chose Gill as a principle for HumanTechnics is that she has a talent with some of the key skills and applied knowledge that are the foundation of much of the communication and personal development elements of our programmes. She has fantastic energy and enthusiasm and delivers an exceptional experience for our clients.' 
Matt Tobutt, Managing Director, HumanTechnics Ltd