Supporting the change agents to make changes

'Gill's style is all about unlocking creativity and potential. She challenged us yet taught us to dream. She encouraged and facilitated us in questioning, problem solving, collaborating and communicating, in ways that would maximise our impact on the leadership of our organisation.'  
Jacqui Warne, Headteacher, Ellen Tinkham School (Specialist School for Cognition and Learning)

Stragegy Development

My areas of expertise are:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Designing strategic frameworks
  • Research
  • Writing strategic plans
  • Developing action plans
  • Monitorring and evaluation

How I work

I work with you and your team to  develop your strategic way forward including situational analysis, establishing visioning and values and developing tactical actions plans to achieve your business/organisational outcomes.

"I first worked with Gill in the 1990s when her brief was to provide the specialist marketing skills that would be required in order to win a commercial tender, in a highly competitive environment. Gill’s addition to our team and the strategic role she undertook was highly valued,  as was her  attention to detail, level of output and her team player ethic. The contract which we won was valued in the  millions and this would not have been achieved without Gill’s contribution. Even in these early days Gill’s strategic thinking, high standards, ability to develop others and challenge the status quo shone through. Setting up her own training and development company, whereby she could utilise these skills for the benefit of others, seemed a natural progression.
Our organisation will continue to use Gill for our development sessions and I shall continue to recommend Gill to other organisations as I have yet to see a facilitator that can deal with either, diverse groups, difficult topics or individuals as well as her and yet still manage to keep the session interesting for all and achieve the desired outcomes.'  
Tonia Gosling, Chief Executive of Harlow Leisure Trust