'Gill is a highly flexible, creative and hard working consultant/trainer who generates in-depth change in her clients.'
Simon Wroe, Head of Hampshire Learning Centre, Hampshire County Council

'Gill quickly gained a detailed appreciation of the 'change management' challenges the team needed to address and gave us some excellent tools to work with. Her work with the team will be invaluable in the months ahead.'
- Kay Brown, Planning, Policy and Conservation Team Leader, Southampton City Council
'I have had the distinct pleasure of having Gill Kane as my personal coach and mentor during the executive coaching course in Hong Kong City in April 2013. She has demonstrated an outstanding leadership qualities and at the same time she maintained a very clear sense of purpose. As I am about to start my own life coaching career, I have to admit that I am indebted to her for finding my passion in that field. I will always hold her in the highest esteem, and I sincerely recommend Gill Kane as an ideal Executive Coach.' 
Wael Ibrahim, Founder, Serving Islam Team,  Hong Kong
'Gill is a thoughtful and creative provider of bespoke training and team building days. I have used her on on number of occasions and found her to be highly professional and very solutions focused. Her sessions don't shy away from tackling difficult subjects that need airing, but because Gill herself is so approachable and intuitive, they are also great fun.'  
-Alison Burt, Freelance consultant and PR professional
'Gill quickly gained a detailed appreciation of the 'change management' challenges the team needed to address and gave us some excellent tools to work with. Her work with the team will be invaluable in the months ahead.'  Kay Brown Planning, Policy and Conservation Team Leader
Gill has provided us with a bespoke training intervention, has been flexible in her approach, incredibly creative in order to cater for the needs of a very diverse group and has offered encouragement and praise to all in equal measures. 
Her enthusiasm for her subject has shone through in all that she has done, and she is able to put theory into an organisational context for her learners. 
I would not hesitate to re-employ her in the future.'  
-Adrian Walder, Training and Development Officer,Hampshire Police
'I had the real pleasure of working with Gill when I studied with Human Technics to complete an Executive Coaching Qualification course. Gill is a truly inspirational coach and mentor. I have learnt a great deal from Gill who approaches her subject with real passion and deep knowledge. Gill is able to demonstrate her craft from experience and enabled me to practice my own skills feeling supported and encouraged. Following the course I have also worked with Gill as my tutor in supervision and revision events where she gave me some personal 1:1 tuition that really changed my own paradigms. If you're thinking of enrolling on a coaching course I would have no hesitation in recommending Gill and Human Technics events. Be prepared to work hard, the results are worth it!' 
-Joanne Hopwood, Experienced Facilitator and Development Consultant
I worked with Gill on the design and delivery of coaching for middle and senior managers at UUK. Gill’s passion for coaching comes through in everything she does, her approach to the design was refreshing and her individual s tyle of delivery is not to be missed.
LEANNA JONES, Learning and Development, Manager, UNICEF
Gill makes a difference and achieves results through stimulating management and executive thinking, challenging the "norm" and focussing on and building a rapport with the individual or group.
Tim Levenson Head of City Development and Economy Southampton City Council
'I have no hesitation in recommending Gill for executive coaching and other forms of training and consultancy.  When working with Gill, you should expect the unexpected and be prepared for significant change in your mindset.'   
-Paul Robertson, Director of Business Strategy and Development
I first worked with Gill in the 1990s when her brief was to provide the specialist marketing skills that would be required in order to win a commercial tender, in a highly competitive environment. Gill’s addition to our team and the strategic role she undertook was highly valued, as was her attention to detail, level of output and her team player ethic. The contract which we won was valued in the millions and this would not have been achieved without Gill’s contribution.
Even in these early days Gill’s strategic thinking, high standards, ability to develop others and challenge the status quo shone through. Setting up her own training and development company,whereby she could utilise these skills for the benefit of others, seemed a natural progression.
Our organisation uses Gill because I know that we will not be disappointed. I know that she will have done all the preparation and background research needed in advance to ensure that the day runs smoothly and is successful. You can bet good money on the fact that the day will be original and stimulating for staff, even if the subject is a very dry one!
As the organiser of the development session, once Gill is booked, I know I can relax. This is because Gill loves strategic alignment and therefore I am guaranteed that the research, training content, individual learning , group learning and overall outcomes will all relate to the brief and the future desired position of our organisation.
I have no worries in relation to the content of the sessions as I am fully confident that Gill can pitch her session at all levels of the strategic spectrum. She is a quick thinker and can deal with live issues as they arise during sessions and has the ability to embed them into the day’s programme at the required level for both the audience and the desired outcomes.
I know staff will leave the day feeling they have been fully engaged, made valuable contributions, developed new ways of thinking, have much more clarity, are energised and can now go on to greater things.
Our organisation will continue to use Gill for our development sessions and I shall continue to recommend Gill to other organisations as I have yet to see a facilitator that can deal with either, diverse groups, difficult topics or individuals as well as her, and yet still manage to keep the session interesting for all and achieve the desired outcomes.
Tonia Gosling  Tonia is Chief Executive of Harlow Leisure Trust and was General Manager of South Gloucestershire Leisure Trust. I worked alongside Tonia from 1996 and has been commissioned for courses since starting my own business in2003 including Leadership for Leisure and Project Management.
'Over a period of more than 10 years, and working with a number f local authorities Gill Kane provided  high quality and high value management development and training support, initially to service teams I led, and subsequently to entire organisations I was working with.
Gill’s expertise in leadership development, team facilitation and transformation of team performances led me to return time and again to contracting her for expert professional support.  Her strong communication skills, effective time management across all programmes and ability (and patience)  in catering for a broad range of learning styles and speeds proved significant in ensuring I got the results I required.
As part of change and transformation programmes I led at Buckinghamshire and Islington, Gill supported me in developing and implementing team specific change and development programmes which proved highly effective in shifting culture, values, leadership and team performance.
Using team strength analysis questionnaires, as well as other evaluation techniques, Gill’s bespoke management and team development training programme enabled me to deliver significant measurable improvements in required outcome areas at both councils.
Of particular note were improvements in individual team leaders performance, team productivity measures and customer satisfaction with work quality.  At Islington these successes in turn delivered a transformation in external relationships with clients and partner organisations, and a ground breaking shift from previously distinct team groupings into a unified values driven single service.
I am pleased to recommend Gill as a skilled and professional supplier who consistently delivers first class results.'  
- Mike McCabe, Communication and business transformation specialist, coach and mentor
Gill Kane works for my business HumanTechnics as a freelancer. She is one of three principle trainers who represent my most senior group of talent and deliver our most senior professional development programmes, including programmes accredited at Postgraduate level by Bristol Business School and at level 7 by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)
Gill’s role includes the design and development of new products and programme, so she plays a key role in the development of programmes against client needs, and manages that through to full delivery. This often involves trainer training and the development of materials and trainer notes.
Where there’s a qualification element it also involves the associated documentation. She’s also an experienced ILM assessor of coursework assignments and has been involved in the full breadth of qualifications we deliver from level 3 to level 7.
Finding talented trainers with the right mixture of skills and experience is tricky for us as a business as we have very specific requirements in terms of technical expertise and experience. This combined with a client audience that often includes highly experienced trainers and consultants, it can be a demanding role.
The reason I chose Gill as a principle for HumanTechnics is that she has a talent with some of the key skills and applied knowledge that are the foundation of much of the communication an  personal development elements of our programmes. She has fantastic energy and enthusiasm and delivers an exceptional experience for our clients.
I’m very happy to recommend her.
Matt Tobutt, Director HumanTechnics Ltd

 Ellen Tinkham Special School - Inspirational Leadership programme

Dear Gill
Thank you for providing the Inspirational Leadership package. From the first phone call to the final coaching session, it has done “exactly what it said on the tin”, for all of us.
We were a newly reconstituted leadership team, looking for the inspirational “glue” to make us into an effective group. We needed experienced guidance to draw out the creativity in each of us so that we could be the best that we can be, both individually and collectively.
Your style is all about unlocking creativity and potential. You challenged us yet taught us to dream.
You encouraged and facilitated us in questioning, problem solving, collaborating and communicating, in ways that would maximise our impact on the leadership of our organisation. Your highly developed active listening skills meant that you were constantly tweaking the input to meet the needs of our organisation and to get the most from each of us. This was highly emotionally literate training; taking us right back to our fundamental belief systems and the moral purpose of what we do. We also laughed a lot and had fun; a luxury we don’t always allow ourselves.
A report has gone to Governors, commending your work with the leadership team and the resulting sense of personal and collective strength, confidence and capacity we felt as a result. It is no coincidence that our Ofsted inspection in October (towards the end of your Leadership input and on the “Eve” of your planned Middle Manager programme), deemed us an Outstanding school, with Leadership and Management obtaining the coveted “Outstanding” for it’s vision, impact, effectiveness and expectation.
We shall continue to keep in touch, Gill, as we are determined not to lose the ground you have gained us. As we continue to develop as a group of people, our expectation of you is that you will continue to challenge us and unlock our potential. Governors are interested in some input for themselves as the enthusiasm from school leaders has been so great. Yours Sincerely
Jacqui Warne, Headteacher, Ellen Tinkham School (Specialist School for Cognition and Learning)
I was first introduced to Gill in her capacity as Principal Trainer and Coach for the HumanTechnics
Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching. I was consistently drawn to her warm delivery, with a great sense of humour and an incredible level of expertise, experience and knowledge.
I have also worked with Gill having approached her as a coaching client.
Gill is authentic, operating with integrity, candour and appropriate challenge. Naturally capable of affording a client their space, effortlessly developing trust and rapport, Gill creates and holds a coaching state that is focused and truly motivating and thought provoking as a client. I have achieved some real breakthroughs with Gill as my coach and her services and expert consultation cannot be recommended enough.
Robert Evans Senior Client Manager and Business Development
"Gill is an inspirational, vivacious and expert in her field. She provides up to date knowledge in the field of executive coaching and creates a wonderfully humorous, informative and grounded atmosphere which maximizes the benefits gained in all that she does. She is very flexible and versatile and it was an honour to have her facilitate in Hong Kong with a multi-national and mutli-cultural group. I highly recommend Gill for individual and group coaching requirements."
Surj bahra, Consultant  The Compliance Grid,  Hong Kong